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ill never settle for less,.. onlyfans.com/itsparadise's Bio and Free Webcam

Real Name:
ill never settle for less,.. onlyfans.com/itsparadise
Birth Date:
January 01, 1970
Multi Universe
Last Broadcast:
August 05, 02:00 (GMT)
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Brown-haired, pretty and very accommodating, Zurieelivira is the proverbial girl-next-door who believes in freely sharing her body to any that needs to drink from it. She's forever smiling, and sports small but 100% natural boobs that dearly need to be sucked on and tit-fucked to the limit. Her cunt is hairy and well able to welcome any variety and size of xxx toys. Slim and with a moderate sized and firm, big and robust derriere that just begs to be spanked and minutely explored, she can be really addictive and might be just what your cum needs to know that you really love and care for it. On cam, this nasty young lady specializes in spreading her legs and showing off her hairy cunt like it's the 9th wonder of he world. She really loves to cream her panties while you watch, while hoping the sight will make you yell like a siren and cum like the biblical flood. She also is not averse to a little anal action once in a while to keep the muscles there in shape.

Though she's in her early twenties, Zurieelivira has done and seen enough of the cuming side of life to turn your hair white. She speaks English fluently and drinks and smokes on occasion. While she currently has no tattoos or body art she plans to get a few soon. She's the athletic type and works out when she can. She's also a self-confessed narcissist who is never reluctant to show off the goodies on her body.

Her tip menu is rather basic. But keep in mind that she will put on special performances by request. A 5 tokens tip will tell her that you consider her to be cute. Double it to 10 tokens and she will know you really find her beautiful. For 15 tokens you prove you consider her to be drop-dead sexy and cum-fabulous. 22 tokens will get you a look at her feet. 30 and 50 tokens on the other hand will do for a boob flash and cunt flash/ ass spread respectively. As her pussy and ass are rather hairy, don't expect to see much. What you do see however is bound to make you break out in sweat.

There are no photos or videos on her page. This will be corrected as soon as she can finish plaiting her cunt and ass hairs together!