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tia_bella's Bio and Free Webcam

Real Name:
Birth Date:
July 11, 1989
on twitter @tiabellaxxx
Last Broadcast:
August 07, 08:10 (GMT)
Pics & Videos:

Happily, we can confirm that mother nature was in a good mood when she crafted Tia Bella. As you might have guessed from her rather descriptive moniker, Tia Bella sports possibly the most fullest, juiciest, firmest and milk-white tits on the planet. Not surprisingly, around thrice a week on average she has to fight off the unwanted advances of men who on seeing her magnificent all-natural boobs totally lose the ability to control themselves. They therefore insist on being allowed to suckle her in public right there and then. Yea, she does have that sort of effect on the male folks. The ladies on the other hand never tire of throwing her envy-filled looks that could curdle cheese. Apart from being boob-awesome, Tia Bella is also rather pretty, chubby and charming. Her ass comes big, bouncy and soft enough to be consumed raw! She's the plus-sized model-next-door type, who you daydream will come sit with her oh-so-soft ass on your laps and grind your dick into dust! On cam, she will show off the goodies her mama so blessed her with and you get to see her naked as a jaybird. Private shows are where most of the fun is at though. And the things that happen there are undoubtedly cum-heinous and balls-shrinking.

A sexy MILF like few others, she's all of 35-years old. And is very well preserved. She doesn't smoke or drink, nor is she tattooed or pierced. English is her native language and chubby lady is her middle name. She's a housewife who cams on the side and loves cooking up a storm, eating to beat a pack of stevedores, and gardening.

Her tip menu comes basic. For 75 tokens you get to see her clothed ass in its full glory. But be warned that the sight can give you sleepless nights and affect your dick with chronic erections. Sighting her bare derriere on the other hand will set you back 150 tokens. For 200 tokens she will show off her totally one-of-a-kind boobs and dare you to suck them dry. 300 tokens gets you an unobstructed look at her puffy cunt. And for more hardcore services, kindly PM her your needs.

There are currently no photos or videos on her site. This is a sad situation that will be hopefully corrected soon.