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Real Name:
Birth Date:
November 17, 1993
Home, USA
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September 24, 01:20 (GMT)
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MistyMystic is pretty ordinary looking. She's plump and more than attractive. Possibly her best feature is her long brown hair. This looks rather lustrous and would make for a convenient handhold for a guy intent on savagely holding her in place, while giving it to her from the back and stretching her cunt further apart with each thrust. Her boobs are slightly saggy and small 34A beauties you can wake up and just decide to dine on. Her ass is medium-sized, but fat and soft enough to make chewing on and spanking it a delight. She's the unremarkable girl-next-door type who talks much more than she fucks. Thus, on cam all she's prepared to do is to go nude and stretch her cunt wide enough for you to greet her uterus.

MistyMystic is a 25-year old American BBW and a native English speaker. She is neither tattooed nor pierced and drinks but doesn't smoke. She's also something of a cat/dog lover and a an avid video gamer. Her loves include eating, traveling, reading, horse riding, watching anime shows and practicing karate.

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There are 4 photos on her page. Just a single photo can be accessed for free and show her in her undies. In the other media she displays her pussy, can be seen scantily clad and has a list of gamer tags that will enable you to play video games with her.