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Melissa's Bio and Free Webcam

Real Name:
Birth Date:
November 10, 1995
Last Broadcast:
August 01, 05:10 (GMT)
Pics & Videos:

Melissa is a very hot Latina. While most Latinas are really hot blooded, hers is a special case. She is therefore incredibly horny and incredibly naughty. She's also quite pretty and plump. But her prettiness is not what people notice. Instead, their attention is at once drawn and held by the huge pair of mammary glands on her chest. These look to be about as big as a very ripe pair of watermelons and are about as heavy, juicy, nutritious and sweet. Sucking them is a pleasure few can long endure without going totally unhinged. They are also totally natural and are just the thing to hold onto and kiss to get cum-fabulous wet-dreams. She also has long black hair, a big ass and enough neighbor-next-door sexiness to ensure that your poor dick is in a permanent and unbearable state of arousal and pleasure. On cam, this bad girl will shamelessly flaunt, lick and spit on the twin mountains on her chest. She will also show off her big clit, squirt and otherwise display how much of a prime fuck she is.

She is just 24-years old and speaks Spanish only. She comes all curvy and meaty, but with a roughly average body. She does smoke and drink, but only occasionally. No tattoos or other such body art mar her tanned skin. Though she aims to go under the needle soon. Melissa Sexytits was quite young when she chanced to find out how powerful her massive mammaries can be in making people do her bidding. Since then she has never looked back and have shamelessly used it to get anything she feels like. She dreams of someday going to college, getting a degree and going respectable.

Her tip menu is as enticing as an open cunt. A PM costs 25 tokens. For 31 tokens she will spit on her body, but especially on her huge breasts. 50 tokens gets her licking her boobs like they were stewed in honey and then sprinkled with some vanilla essence. For a 101 tokens tip she will flash her boobs in all their massive glory. 151 tokens will make her play with them, while 501 tokens will see her perform some pussy play that might well cause you to believe your dick was a sledgehammer and see you punch holes in your walls with it. For 201 tokens she will flash her cunt. An ass flash on the other hand will set you back 301 tokens. A doggy style pose guaranteed to turn you into a gibbering idiot and your dick in to a fountain comes with a 401 tokens tag. For a squirt show that will really shower all surfaces with stinky cum, pay up 1001 tokens.

While there are currently no photos or videos on her site, this will be corrected soonest.