Maria Santos

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Maria Santos's Bio and Free Webcam

Real Name:
Maria Santos
Birth Date:
May 17, 1992
Last Broadcast:
August 04, 03:30 (GMT)
Pics & Videos:

Blondes have all the fun, a fact that Maria Santos has no problem making clear. Exotically beautiful, with perky all-natural breasts that stubbornly jut out and demand to be petted, slim hips, gasp-worthy tiny waist, flat tummy and a sinfully-lush ass many a country would go to war to defend, she is awesomely awesome and totally cum-worthy! And did we mention her smile? Just a glimpse of it is like the sun coming out and gets your blood pressure levels on a one-way ticket to Mars. We have a lot to be thankful for. Like the fact that this supermodel-like young lady will do almost anything live on cam. So, keep your dick reined in but ready for action and watch the show like you mean business.

Born in Colombia, Maria Santos fluently speaks both English and Spanish. She formerly studied to be an interior designer, but we can never thank heaven enough that she abandoned that to daily show off her fabulous body on live cams. Aged 25, she loves meeting all manner of people and getting very acquainted with their cum. She has one of those plump and sweetly ripe Latina body types you see on the silver screen. This she keeps in shape by working out to ensure there's no flabbiness. She smokes and drinks now and then and has some artful tattoos decorating that very delish body of hers. And sports a pierced nipple as well.

Your wishes are her command. Though they will cost you tokens. For 25 tokens you get a sweet kiss from her. This has caused quite a few to faint dead away. So, be sure you're up to it before requesting such a service from her. For 45 tokens she will PM you. While 60 tokens let you make a song request to her. 40 tokens let you view every inch of her feet if that's your thing. And 55 tokens means she spanks herself just for you. A boob flash will cost 50 tokens, while a pussy flash sees you pay out 80 tokens. For 99 tokens, you get to roll the dice. And 180 tokens makes her change her outfit while you watch and try not to swallow your tongue. 150 tokens will do if you want her to watch your own cam. And a Blowjob will set you back 200 tokens. For 2000 tokens she will perform her instant hitachi cum for you. Snapchat access to her starts from 999 tokens.

On offer are some suitably naughty videos. These can be had for 1600 tokens. Or for 250 tokens each. If you fancy something more off the beaten path, she has a few girl-on-girl xxx scenes with Kendra. 700 tokens get you all available lesbian porn videos. While for 399 tokens you can have a single video.