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Real Name:
Birth Date:
April 04, 1996
Last Broadcast:
September 23, 05:00 (GMT)
Pics & Videos:

Jenna is quite a knockout! She comes tightly packaged for the best cum-tickling effect and is really pretty, brown-haired and naughty. She wears prescription glasses too, which elevates her cuteness to an all-new level. The lass also has what must be indisputably the best derriere on the planet. This ultra-ravishing behind is perfectly perky, roundly rounded, small but so firm and trim as to give anyone who does more than merely glance at it an almighty woody that won't come down till the cum in it has been sacrificed. Apart from her very marvelous bottom Jenna additionally boasts two small, natural and full mounds on her chest. While she might look like an innocent girl scout Jenna can be really naughty and is the typical corrupted babe-next-door type. On cam you can find her flashing her lady bits, poking out her tongue at you, putting some lotion on her boobies, fingering her cunt, teasing with her asshole and spanking her behind. Hell, this totally shameless girl will even strike a doggy pose that's hot enough to effortlessly melt anyone who carelessly looks upon it into cummy jelly!

Jenna is 21-years old and in very prime shape. She smokes, drinks and has a few piercings but no tattoos. As well, she sports a slim and fit build and is a native English speaker. She's also 5'6, and a college student who cams both to have fun and make some money. She additionally loves meeting new and interesting people, so don't be too shy to speak up on her page.

Her tip menu is one cum festival you really need to attend! To begin with, for 10 tokens she'll blow you a kiss. Getting her to show you her tongue will cost you 17 tokens and for 60 tokens you get to see her feet. A flash of her sublime behind is set at 100 tokens and a 35 tokens tip lets you make a song request. A boob flash is set at 50 tokens and for 55 tokens she'll rub some lotion on her titties. A speedy finger licking costs 75 tokens and 121 tokens stands for a doggy style pose that's on the way to being deemed too illegal. A 140 tokens tip lets you prove how much you love this nasty lass and a 1000 tokens will get her so grateful that you'll be in for a prolonged stay in cumming paradise. She'll also take off her stockings for 454 tokens and will put on heels for 444 tokens. Ass spanks cost 45 tokens and for 333 tokens she will view your cam. Additionally, an asshole tease is set at 200 tokens and a cunt fingering can be had for 300 tokens.

There are 2 photos and videos each on her page and these media cannot be accessed for free. The photos are shots of her peerless ass. The videos on the other hand feature her giving BJ's to dildos.