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Real Name:
Birth Date:
June 29, 1997
Last Broadcast:
April 20, 07:40 (GMT)
Pics & Videos:

Goddess Jennahvieve is not quite a goddess. But she does come cute and pretty enough to ensure that doesn't really matter. Her boobs are small and will struggle to fill up your sucking mouth. Her ass on the other hand is medium-sized, bouncy and juicy. No wonder she never tires of twerking them like she just won the lottery. This little temptress is plump and very naughty. She's the perfect babe-next-door type who's at a different party every day and whose ass has taken every thing up to an elephant dick inside its spacious cavern. On cam she puts on cum-shivering instacum shows, anal shows and will spank her naughty behind for your pleasure.

Goddess Jennahvieve is presently 20-years old. As an American citizen she speaks fluent English. She comes petite, and has an average but fleshy and curvy body. She sports no tattoos or piercings. But does have enough naughty acts memorized to give your cum a heart attack. She's currently a part-time student with a love for dancing, getting high on life and partying like tomorrow never dies.

Her tip menu comes long and cum-thriving. You get to see her feet for 20 tokens and can PM her for 30 tokens. A look at her little boobies will set you back 25 tokens, while 10 spanks on her bouncy ass is priced at 35 tokens. For 40 tokens she will spread her ass cheeks so far apart you can see all the way into her gullet! A BJ tease is priced at 45 tokens. A doggy pose and some skillful twerking will set you back 50 tokens. 65 tokens on the other hand will ensure she shoves a small buttplug up her asshole. A pussy zoom view will see you fork over 75 tokens. And for 80 tokens she will spank her cunt 10 times. 120 tokens will get a medium-sized buttplug shoved in her ass for 5 minutes. A C2C performance is 150 tokens and for 200 tokens she will insert a large buttplug where the sun don't shine for 5 minutes. To see an extra large buttplug training, fork over 300 tokens. An instacum show is 700 tokens and for 1000 tokens you can get a worn pant of hers shipped to you. But only if you are in North America. If you really like her panties and don't live in either the US or Canada do not despair. They can be yours for 1500 tokens. To embark on a 24-hour cum denial mission with her, prepare to pay up 2222 tokens. A cum save me is 3333 tokens and you can chip in 4000 tokens for her to get a house of her dreams. As well, access to her Snapchat account is 350 tokens.

Her page has a single photo set of her nudes. This help whet the appetite and show off her hot and young bod to great effect.