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Faiths_Hope's Bio and Free Webcam

Real Name:
Birth Date:
September 29, 1995
Flying through the solar system on a big blue ball
Last Broadcast:
February 23, 04:20 (GMT)
Pics & Videos:

Faiths Hope is an attractive lady with quite a bit excess flesh. She helps make up for this with an eye-watering 34D sized all-natural boobs, a very friendly and chatty manner and a big ass you could burrow into and hide safe from harm and free of cum. She's totally the housewife-next-door type whom you barely look twice at. On cam however her wild, devious and naughty side pops out and you wonder if you might not be hallucinating. She will show off her lady bits, do some pussy play, and generally anything else that promises to make your cum revolt, conquer your body and establish its cuming dominance.

Though only 21-years old she is already a pro at this and shakes and moves it like few others can. She's BBW, endearing, and speaks English like the native she is. She doesn't smoke or drink, nor does she have any body art to speak of. Currently, she cams full-time and recently celebrated her 2-year camming anniversary by giving every guy within a 10-mile radius a boner that destroyed their undies and saw a cum-flooding alert being issued far and wide!

Her tip menu might look basic. But much more goodies are available once you've negotiated with her. Thus, a PM will cost you 15 tokens. For 6 tokens she will smile and show off her gums. If you like this big lady, kindly prove it by tipping 8 tokens. A five-minutes long BJ show that really heats up the planet will set you back 150 tokens. A10-minutes long pussy play on the other hand that will make you feel like a Mack truck just ran over you comes with a 800 tokens price tag. Her fan club members get to enjoy discounts like 25 tokens for a flash of any body part of their choice. For the top 3 lucky individuals on the leaderboard, they can obtain a flash for 40 tokens. Regular viewers on the other hand have to fork over 70 tokens for the privilege.

There are quite a few photo sets and videos on her page. These show her getting all nasty with people of both sexes and getting her clit plumbed to the limit. Accessing these will however cost you varied amounts of tokens.