Fucking Internet<3 see you after tomorrow

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Fucking Internet<3 see you after tomorrow's Bio and Free Webcam

Real Name:
Fucking Internet<3 see you after tomorrow
Birth Date:
June 17, 1997
Last Broadcast:
August 08, 12:50 (GMT)
Pics & Videos:

Alexiss is a thoroughly bad girl with an insatiable cunt. She's slim, black-haired and so sexy and fuckable your wet-dreams demands that she daily star in it. On her chest can be seen a small-sized and natural pair of boobs that look like some sucking would perk them up even more than they already are. She's all limbs and has a very small, but full and bouncy ass. As well as a tiny waist you can use to pull her to yourself and stick it so far up her hungry cunt that she will spurt your cum from her mouth! Alexiss is easily the very sexy babe-next-door type who's into all sorts of nasty stuff. On cam you can see her finger-fucking her varied orifices and spanking herself like the bad girl she is.

She is only 20-years old, but Alexiss is already an expert in the cuming arts. She smokes and drinks and there are no tattoos or piercings to mar her gleaming skin. Her body is very toned and slim, with no flabbiness of any sort to be found. She speaks English fluently and has a rather sexy accent that puts the cum on the boil. Her hobbies include extravagant shopping, watching romantic soap operas and daydreaming about seducing the most powerful men in the world and making them slaves to her cunt.

Her tip menu is rather basic, but will still perform wonders for your cum. Once you pay up 100 tokens she will oil up her tits. And for 300 tokens she will finger her cunt. An ass-fingering will set you back 350 tokens, while 70 tokens will see her adopt the doggy style pose with her pert ass in the air and your pounding heart in your mouth. As well, she will seductively lick her fingers for 90 tokens and will savagely spank herself on her cute derriere for 150 tokens.

Her page has 4 photos/photo sets. These are all free to access and whet the appetite by showing her either sexily dressed or skimpily clad.